Success Stories

Over the years, countless students have seen great improvement and achieved exceptional results as a result of their work with Brilliance. Here are just a few of our top students.

Our Top Achieving Students

Jack Rose

Dux of St Peter's College, 2022

Throughout the years that Jack attended Brilliance, he consistently gained the top results in his year level and completed year 13 as the Dux of St Peter’s College, making him the top overall student in the school! He gained outstanding results in his Cambridge Examinations, gaining 420/420 UCAS points with A* in AL Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He also gained three NZQA Scholarships in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Congratulations Jack!

Kimberly Pinto

Dux of Marist College, 2020

Kimberly was awarded the Dux of Marist College award in 2020, making her the top overall student in the Collvege! This is an outstanding achievement given the extraordinary circumstances of the year with the many disruptions of the pandemic. Kimberly was awarded a $35,000 scholarship to study Medicine at the University of Otago. She gained 100E Excellence credits in level 3, with Excellence edorsements in all five subjects! Congratulations Kimberly!

Sidharth Kumar

Founders Scholar ACG Parnell, 2019​

Sidharth was a student of Brilliance from year 9 to 13. Sidharth completed year 13 with A*s in CIE Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Maths (97%). He was awarded the ACG Founders Scholarship worth $75,000 to study a Master of Physics degree at Oxford University. He was also offered admission into Imperial College, London. He was a silver medalist in the International Physics Olympiad held in Poland. He also gained 4 NZQA scholarships. Congratulations Sidharth

Paulse Anithottam

Dux of St Peter's College, 2018​

Paulse was a student of Brilliance from year 7 to 13. He was First in the World in the CIE IGCSE Mathematics (2016) exam, scoring 100%. Paulse completed year 13 with A*s in CIE Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. He was Dep. Head Boy and Dux of St Peter’s College in 2018, an awarded the University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship worth $20,000. He gained 6 NZQA Scholarships, making him an Outstanding Scholar ($15,000). Congratulations Paulse!

Balu Mallela

Proxime Accessit of Mount Roskill Grammar School, 2015
Balu Malella from Mount Roskill Grammar School (MRGS), was a student at Brilliance from year 8 to 13. Balu consistently excelled academically, earning over 100 excellence credits in the NCEA 2015 exam series, and gaining the coveted Proxime Accessit Award in MRGS His remarkable achievements led to him being awarded a chancellor’s scholarship of $50,000 to pursue his studies in Medicine at Sydney University. Balu’s dedication and commitment to academic excellence make him a source of pride for Brilliance!

Mildred Wong

Head Girl of Mount Roskill Grammar School, 2014

Mildred’s academic journey was marked by unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements. As a student at Brilliance from Year 9 to 13 and later as Head Girl of Mount Roskill Grammar School, she balanced her leadership responsibilities with her academic ambition. In Level 3 NCEA examinations, she amassed an impressive 104 Excellence credits, with Excellence endorsements in Year 13 Calculus, Statistics, and Physics. Auckland University recognized her potential and awarded her a prestigious full scholarship worth $50,000. Mildred’s story is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence, a true inspiration!

Junedh Amrute

Proxime Accessit of Auckland Grammar School, 2013
Junedh Amrute from Auckland Grammar School attended Brilliance from year 9 to year 13. He achieved remarkable academic success during his time at the institution. In 2014, he gained admission into the prestigious California Institute of Technology, which is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Junedh’s accomplishments include being the Proxime Accessit of Auckland Grammar School, ranking first in New Zealand in computer programming, and attaining a silver medal in the NZ Physics Tournament. He also excelled in mathematics, scoring 98% in both A Level and AS Maths, as well as 99% in IGCSE Maths. Junedh’s outstanding achievements highlight his dedication and exceptional academic prowess, we are proud of you!
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