Student Enrollment

1. Students should be polite, punctual and regular. 2. Students should complete all homework given to them on time and attend all tests 3. Students should reach the centre at least 5 minutes before the class starts. 4. Students should bring all necessary stationery materials and text/workbooks. 5. Cell phones and iPods should be switched off inside the classroom. 6. Admission cannot be cancelled in between a term. Notices should be given one month before cancelling admission. 7. Fees should be paid (in advance) for the full month. Fees are calculated on a monthly basis depending on the number of lessons. Late payments may attract a penalty. 8. Fee once paid cannot be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances. 9. Fees can be paid by bank transfer. 10. Fees will be charged for absent sessions, as this time is exclusively given to you and we will not be able to accommodate other students at this time. 11. Parents can discuss the progress of their wards every month by prior appointment. 12. If any damage is made to the properties of the centre, compensation will be charged 13. Serious Indiscipline will be result in cancellation of admission without refund.